This is the tenth and final episode of Season 1, making this the Season Final. Bviomario enters the castle as a hero for defeating Clone, but he, ashamed, tells a story. A story from 5 years ago... His story starts when he first entered Shifting Sand Land. He was freely running around, evading the Tox Boxes, when a vulture stole his hat. Bviomario struggled to get it back, and when he got it, he fell into quicksand. He then went upstairs to the Tall Tall Mountains. When he, after at least 1.30 hours finally entered the picture, Clone appeared. Clone then slammed into a dumb Goomba and fainted, causing him to have amnesia. Bviomario, who didn't see it happening, ran up the mountain and found a monkey who, also, stole his hat. Bviomario couldn't get him, and Clone helped him. After a dance party, they went to slide at the very dangerous Mountain Slider. at one point, Clone fell down and begged to Bviomario to help him, but instead, he didn't stop, and slided to the end. He began to wonder if Clone survived, and frightened by the thought he would have his revenge, jumped off the mountain and ran back to the castle, hoping Clone survived. Actually, Clone did survive, and followed him. After 5 years, he found the castle and was going to pay Bviomario back for his evil deed. Bviomario ends the story and Toad and Cursor now know why Clone is so mean to them. Bviomario wonders where Clone might be now. Meanwhile, he's standing on the roof, saying he has another form, meaning he isn't the real Clone, and accidentally uses Moonjump Kill Mode again. Before he faints, he swears to return. That is the end of Season 1.