This is the fourth episode of Season 2, and the fourteenth of the series. Bviomario, unaware of what happened to Luigi, wakes up in his previous costume, saying the Fire Suit is in the laundry. Bviomario starts the day with a relaxing slide on his slider. Bviomario is disappointed when the star isn't a Wishing Star, but takes it anyway. He claims he got one already. (The one from the previous episode, it is never showed how he got it.) Cursor once again has to warp Bviomario out of the room. Bviomario resumes his search in Bob-omb Battlefield, where he finds the second Wishing Star on the floating island. Afterwards he goes to the caged island in Whomp's Fortress, where he finds the next Wishing Star. He then goes to Tick Tock Clock, unaware someone is waiting for him. Once he finds the Wishing Star, after getting four fake ones, Clone appears and takes the Star before Bviomario can. Clone then goes to the basement o find yet another Star. He jumps into the Hazy Maze Cave, where he finds a fake star. Clone unlocks a secret passage, and finds the Wishing Star. Bviomario has escaped Tick Tock Clock and goes to Bowser's trapdoor and finds the Wishing Star, which Bowser found and split up into his Red Coins. Bviomario then challenges Bowser, but he is already defeated. C-2 then appears and picks up the key, claiming its his since he beat Bowser. Bviomario then returns to the castle halls only to see ShadowMario and Clone, who have the other Wishing Stars. ShadowMario suggests they fight. Winner takes all! The episode ends when the fight starts.