This is the fifth and final episode of Season 2, making it the season final, and the fifteenth of the series. The first fight begins and Bviomario kicks Clone and ShadowMario. Clone then insults them, resulting into a whirl attack from ShadowMario. It seems that, after a lot of fighting, ShadowMario's gaining the upperhand. Clone is the first one to lose. After that, ShadowMario gets thrown out by a tornado. They then start the second fight. Unlucky Clone already loses one of his lives at the start, by falling off the stage, and by Bviomario's suprise attack, ShadowMario too. Bviomario then loses 2 lives due to the same trap. After a while, it seems like ShadowMario is winning. Bviomario loses this time first, and then Clone too. The third fight then begins. It is exiting, bur Clone seems to be the stronger onr in this fight, and for once, it is ShadowMario who is out first, which is because he is most likely tired from the two previous fights. It then becomes Clone VS Bviomario, and Clone wins. The fourth and final fight then starts with Clone's sneak attack on both Bviomario and ShadowMario. For his revenge, ShadowMario knocks Clone out off the stage later, meaning Clone lost and has no chance of receiving the Wishing Stars anymore. Bviomario then attacks ShadowMario, but fails and loses. ShadowMario then gets all of the Wishing Stars and runs off to the roof. An angry Clone follows him, trying to steal ShadowMario's wish, while Yoshi, thinking ShadowMario is Bviomario, gives him an enormous amount of lives and energy. Clone and ShadowMario are standing on the roof when Bviomario decides to follow them. Bviomario grabs a wing cap box and finds ShadowMario, but it is too late. He then wishes for enourmous Glitch Power so he can glitch Mushroom Kingdom. The episode ends.