This is the fourth episode of Season 3 and the nineteenth of the series. Bviomario in his Superstar form and ShadowMario in his ShadowStar form start the battle. It starts with their power matching. In other words, their strength is the same. Bviomario uses a laser to get ShadowMario's first life. Bviomario loses his by tripping. After a while, Bviomario grabs a Fire Flower and starts to burn ShadowMario, who can handle the fire easy. ShadowMario grabs a Hammer, and hits Bviomario, throwing him out, and accidentally falls off the stage. Bviomario starts to laugh at him, and ShadowMario hits him, resulting into the continuation of the fight. When Bviomario grabs a hammer, he hits ShadowMario, knocking him out! Lorii005 is starting his fight with Bvioluigi. Lorii005 loses 2 lives in less then 1 minute, and Bvioluigi starts to laugh at him, making him furious and he starts to attack Bvioluigi, who can't hold him off any longer, resulting in Bvioluigi's defeat. ShadowMario then challenges Bviomario to a slider race, which ShadowMario wins. For the final round, they grab their Mario Karts and race off the Rainbow Road, with the victor being Bviomario. The episode then ends.