This is the fifth episode of Season 1. Bviomario climbs up the wall and jumps to the pipe leading to Bowser. The first thing Bviomario says is that Bowser is ugly and smelly! Bowser, enraged, attack's Bviomario with a Flamethrower. Bviomario grabs Bowser by his tail and tries to whirl him around, but the 'stench is too much', according to Bviomario. He then uses the 8 Power Stars to help him. It starts to work slowly, and Bviomario throws Bowser out of the ring, but misses the bomb. Bowser jumps back up, and the fight continues. Bowser burns Bviomario again, and Bviomario tries to end the fight. Calling him Kuppa for the first time, he swings him around and triumphs as Bowser hits a bomb. Bowser disappears and leaves a key, which Bviomario picks up! He then tries to leave, but at the last moment decides to stay. Cursor, who has seen the fight, agrees that Bviomario is mature enough and rejoins him, now being nice to him. Cursor introduces himself, and the two unlock the basement to go to Shifting Sand Land. Bviomario tries to find out if there's quicksand in this area, which, to his horror,is there. He sinks, and get's thrown out of Shifting Sand Land. Cursor tests him if he is able to survive Lethal Lava Land. Sadly enough, he doesn't. Cursor returns to him, and the episode ends.