The first episode of Season 1 begins with Bviomario talking to Toad, asking why his room is locked. Toad replies it's Bowser's fault, and Bviomario goes to Bob-omb Battlefield. He runs away from a Gay Bob-omb while killing a Goomba and stops in front of Chain Chomp, who Headbutts Bviomario, resulting into Bviomario running away. He returns, and runs around Chain Chomp to avoid him. He then falls off a bridge, meaning he has to go back to Chain Chomp. He then realizes Chain Chomp had a Power Star, so returns and tries to throw a Bob-omb at him, which fails. Chain Chomp Headbutts him again as he tries to get his Red Coin. He then flees and carries a little box to a cliff side to open it. He almost get's killed by a Bob-omb, but manages to get another Red Coin and a 1-UP Mushroom. He climbs the mountain in his own way. He restores his health with a Pure Heart, and then goes to the top, expecting Burger King, but the only one up there is King Bob-omb, who challenges Bviomario for a Power Star. Eventually, Bviomario wins and shouts 'Yoshi' when he grabs his first Star. He decides to go to Whomp's Fortress for the next Power Star, of course, after unlocking his room and sliding on Princess Peach's slider, which he calls 'his slider'. He falls off, and goes to Whomp Fortress. In his own, silly way, he tries to clmb up to the upper floor, which works after being hit by a Piranha Plant, almost falling of a bridge, and almost freezing the game. Up there, he challenges the Whomp King, ending the episode with a cliffhanger.