This is the ninth episode of Season 1. The mystery man reveals himself as Clone who has come for revenge. Bviomario asks if he can forgive him, and Clone answers with a attack which knocks both Bviomario and Cursor out. Clone then uses the Glitchbox to Glitch the Mushroom Kingdom, after obtaining his Anti-Key, which he dropped on Bowser's battlefield.
Bowser attacks Clone, mistaking him for Bviomario. Clone quickly defeats the Koopa King, and he returns the Anti-Key. Bviomario and Cursor wake up and try to find Clone to stop this madness. They find him, and Clone challenges Bviomario to a Sliding duel. Cursor refuses to come, fearing Clone might remember him. Bviomario dares him to come, and he agrees. Bviomario wins, despite Clone having a foul start. Bviomario then leaves Clone behind, although Bviomario didn't look happy when he left. Clone then Moonjumps off the slider. The episode ends with Clone falling.