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Evil Music Man is actually a Palm tree from videos called Super Mario Land I, II, III and IV

He is in charge of the background music that is playing and often picked music Bviomario didn't like,
but after his real appearance in the movie, he is friends with him!

He is often heard in Season 1, but from Season 3 onwards, he almost doesn't communicate with Bviomario anymore.
This is possibly because he went back to his own show after the movie, but the new Music Man is said to be Lakitu...


He pronounces his name as LT, which stands for Laughing Tree. This is possibly not a coincidence because he laughed in his original video of Super Mario Land

He returned to his home land, which is in Sarasaland. This may be why he is never heard of again,

He gave ShadowMario a hint in the movie, by saying he needs to like plants if he wanted to see him in person.