This is the first episode of Season 3 and the sixteenth of the series. ShadowMario feels his new powers and glitches Mushroom Kingdom. ShadowMario then gives Bviomario and Clone one final chance to leave forever. Clone flees to his underground lair. Bviomario brings Toad, Pech and Yoshi together. The then leave for a safer place to stay. Bowser follows them. Clone tries too, but realizes his lair is safer and turns back. They went over the highway leding from Toad Town to Bean Bean Kingdom. Eventually, it was Peach who found a good place to stay, a beach in Bean Bean Kingdom. When they arrive, Bviomario and Cursor get a suprise. ShadowMario's Glitch Powers reach the beach and the beach is glitched too. Something then happens. Someone appears and Bviomario is overjoyed when he sees them. The episode then ends.