This is the first episode of Season 2 and the eleventh episode of the series. It starts when someone knocks the door, and Bviomario opens to see his brother Luigi. They talk,when suddenly Clone appears. Bviomario complains, but Clone says he never Glitched Mushroom Kingdom. But seeing it as a good idea, he suggests a race at the Ice Slider. Bviomario goes with him, and they race, with Clone being the victor. But, because he cheated, Bviomario grabs the Star before Clone can. Clone then runs away, but comes back and jumps off a cliff out of fear for The King. At the castle gate, a mysterious man appears, claiming to be in his true form, meaning he was the fake Clone. He enters the castle, only to get warped outside by Cursor, who feels his power. The mysterious man goes via the basement, where Cursor can't feel him. He seeks his way through the basement and the lower hall. He then runs to Bowser's Fire Sea, asking something to his Glitchbox. Meanwhile, Bviomario is bored, and decides to go to the black room. After he gets out of there, he drinks his coffee. He then runs to Shifting Sand Land because he heard of Eyerok guarding a treasure. Once in there, he finds a part of Master Hand, saying stuff about a blue and black person. Cursor denies everything and acts like he doesn't know anything about it. Once in the pyramid, Bviomario Moonjumps to the top and picks up the Star. He then goes to Eyerok, who mistakes him for Fake Clone. They then fight and Bviomario takes the Star after he wins. Clone, who build an underground lair, talks to someone named C-2, and asks him to keep an eye on Bviomario. After the mysterious C-2 leaves, Bviomario is back in the castle, wondering where Luigi is. Luigi is, meanwhile, busy fighting off Boo's in the garden. Luigi then sees someone and asks who he is. He answers with an attack on Luigi. After that, some Mushroom Kingdom News Flash is seen.