This is the third episode of Season 2 and the thirteenth of the series. Luigi wakes up in the Ghost House, meaning the Boo's took him prisoner. Luigi complains about the music, and the Evil Music Man angry responds. Luigi, not in the mood to fight with the music man, ignores him and jumps down, to Boo's merry go round. Luigi then tries to give Lakitu, who is frightened, a pep-talk. He succeeds into doing so, and enters the room. In the room, Luigi fights off the Boo's and gets burned several times. Luigi takes the star and leaves the Ghost House. Luigi goes to the basement, while randomly saying that 'this is not Mario Kart Wii' Luigi then opens the sealed door that leads to Bowser with his Power Star he got in the Ghost House. He then dives into the pit, only to get himself burned. Luigi then uses Moonjump, while it is unknown how he got the code, to get to the falling bridge. He runs over it and jumps into the hole, unaware of Bowser. When he sees Bowser, he is very scared. After Bowser toying with him, he is sick of being the scared chicken of the Mario Bros, and successfully attacks Bowser, but when the key appears, ShadowMario nabs it. Luigi complains about his pants changing color, and remembers him putting him in the Ghost House. They then start a Super Smash Bros. fight. Luigi, not knowing ShadowMario is a lot stronger then Bowser, takes him on to prove he's stronger. after a while, ShadowMario says he has been toying with Luigi for the entire fight. ShadowMario starts to fight more seriously and wins. He then tries to make Luigi one of his slaves. The episode ends with an exiting cliffhanger.