This is the fourth episode of Season 1. Bviomario tries to stay on the slider, and uses the secret passage again. He succeeds and re-unlocks the fourth Power Star. He then goes to the Star really slow, and manages to obtain it, bringing his amount of Stars to six. He re-enters Whomp's Fortress, which is completed now. On the tower, he sees the seventh Power Star, and decides to go up there, although this isn't as easy as he thought! Falling at least 6 times off the fortress, he finally anages to obtain the seventh Power Star. Only needing one more, he decides to take a little break and eat Ice chicken. After a funny struggle to keep the penguin with him, he ends up bringing it to it's mother. She hands the last Star over to Bviomario, but he picks the penguin up again and takes both the penguin and the eight Power Star. After opening Bowser's door, he falls into a trap. He now has to walk up the entire level to reach Bowser. The episode once again ends in a cliffhanger as Bviomario is hanging up a wall close to the pipe that leads to Bowser.