Master Hand is a deutagonist of the Blooper series, who created Cursor from Wishing Star dust, and ShadowMario and Clone. He is about double the height of Bvioluigi, who is the tallest character of the series. It is believed he is a villain with the intentions to kill Bviomario and take over Mushroom Kingdom, but this is proven wrong in episode 35; The Wishing Stars return. He saw the future and knew Dark Mario would rise from Bviomario's anger, and wanted to stop this from happening, but failed and self-destructed in the hope to kill Bviomario too, which also failed.

It is also revealed in Episode 37: Dark Mario's army, that he and Crazy Hand created the Gltchbox, which they later gave to ShadowMario!

Master Hand

3 Years Later...Edit

He went to Star Heaven after his death, but caused destruction to go to the Underworld to free Luigi's Star Power, who would have been sent there by Metal Mario's Warping Powers! He lost on purpose and stayed in the Underworld until he got revived by Dark Mario,who was hoping to use his Fighting Polygon Team for his evil plans. Master Hand revealed his secrets and battled Dark Mario, but got killed again, and has then stayed as protector of Star Heaven. 1 Year later, he revives Bviomario when he gets killed, and protects him from a fatal blast made from OmegaDarkWishStar1. After that, he is seen many times in Star Heaven, when escorting metal to the afterlife and attacking the Metallian Army with his minions.


Master Hand is a kind being, but can be cocky and can act like non other! He acted as a villain to help the world for 3 years. Although he is kind, he sometimes sees himself as master of life, because of his 3 living creations. Ironically, this master of life has died 2 times, both by Bviomario ( If one counts Dark Mario as a future Bviomario part!)

Master Hand is the one responsible for 3 Star Powered beings, Bviomario in his first battle, Luigi in his second, and ShadowMario when sending him to Mushroom Kingdom.

Master Hand is the first hero to die in the Bloopers Series, the second being Light Mario, the third being Metal Mario and the last being Bviomario. Cursor still lived as a Wishing Star and is not officially dead.