This is the eight episode of Season 1. The episode begins with Bviomario going to the Ghost house to obtain the hidden Moonjump Code. In the garden, he sees a lot of Boo's, but he needs the biggest. He Ground-Pounds all Boo's, and eventually the biggest, and enters Big Boo's Haunt. He goes inside, up the stairs and eventually falls down. He defeats every Boo there and goes outside. He then goes to the back of the house and finds the secret chamber with the Moonjump code. He then Moonjumps into the house and searches for a Star, but before he gets to one, he goes to the haunted piano to play it, and it knocks Bviomario out. Bviomario goes back inside the castle and finally meets the mystery man eye to eye. He says he'll reveal his identity if Bviomario manages to defeat Bowser 2 times, to which he agrees. Bviomario goes back to Bowser's traphole, re-enters it and Moonjumps to Bowser and defeats him. Bviomario then goes to the Fire Sea and defeats Bowser once again. Bviomario then goes to the roof of the castle, where the mystery man is waiting. When he's about to say his name, the episode ends.