This is the sixth episode of Season 1. A mysterious man appears at the castle, claiming to know Bviomario. Asking Toad where Bviomario is, he says he's in the basement. Using an Anti-Key, he can get in. Bviomario bought a Mario Fire Suit and says to Cursor he's ready for adventure. They go to Hazy Maze Cave, and the man follows. Bviomario enters the second area while the man watches and follows. Bviomario faints after getting hit several times by rocks. The man follows him with Moonjump.(A form of flying and jumping combined) He then let himself faint on purpose by falling from high, called 'Moonjump Kill Mode'. He then realizes he lost sight of Bviomario, who is trying to lower the water level. After he succeeds, he enters the Vanish Cap Course. He then goes to moving platforms, and falls of. After drinking coffee, he goes inside and enters the backyard with super speed. After reading the 'L IS REAL 2401' message, he goes back to Lethal Lava Land. He fails once more, and goes to Shifting Sand Land, unaware that the mysterious man spotted him and is resuming the chase. When Bviomario enters the pyramid, he tries too but fails. However, his second attempt works, and he gets inside the pyramid. He battles Eyerok and wins, but flees when he heard Bviomario coming because he's exhausted. Bviomario picks up a Star and falls down, almost in quicksand. He runs and gets sucked to the quicksand. Then, another cliffhanger appears.