This is the fifth episode of Season 3 and the twentieth of the series. Bviomario and ShadowMario return to the cave and Bviomario wants to give him a final chance by joining him. ShadowMario pulls a bomb and sets it off, saying if he doesn't win, nobody wins. Before the bomb explodes, BioVSMario, Lorii005 and Bvioluigi get out of the cave in time Lorii005 and Bvioluigi go into the castle, and BioVSMario goes to his friends, telling ShadowMario used a bomb and that Bviomario died. His friends start to cry a little bit and then become mad and go searching for ShadowMario, who then reveals he survived and is standing behind them. Meanwhile, Bviomario wakes up in the Ghost House, alive. He then discovers he was saved by a person called Light Mario, who tells him Cursor seemed to have died! He then tells he knows a mystical place called Star Heaven, and that only the ones with Starpower can enter. Bviomario agrees to train there, if he can go to his friends first. Ghost Mario agrees, after beating up Big Boo at the roof. Masterslam132, Landongames and BioVSMario attack ShadowMario for seemingly killing their best friend. ShadowMario is weakened by the explosion and loses the battle. The episode ends