This is the third episode of Season 1. Bviomario wakes up and finds Cursor in his room, but he isn't nice to him, because he thinks Bviomario is too immature to defeat Master Hand. With this, he tries to make him more serious. Cursor demands he goes to Bob-omb Battlefield, were he has to race Koopa the Quick. Halfway up the mountain he falls off, but he has a plan B. Bviomario goes to a teleporting hole, and reaches the finish before Koopa. He then get's the fifth Power Star, as the fourth is still in Cool Cool Mountain. Toad hints him about the sixth Power Star in a pirate cave under the sea, which later proves to be ShadowMario's fortress. This is the reason Cursor stays behind when Bviomario goes to Jolly Roger Bay. Bviomario eventually finds the cave, and start looking for the treasure chests. When he finds them, he tries to open them, but give him a shock. He succeeds into finding the right order and obtains the sixth Power Star. After a little dance, he re-enters Cool Cool Mountain. He slides again, but falls off. As he is stubborn, he tries again. The episode ends in a cliffhanger again with Bviomario sliding and trying to stay on the slider.