This is the sixth and final episode of Season 3, making it the Season Final, and the twentieth-first episode of the series. ShadowMario, realizing he lost his empire, runs off. The Glitch then disappears. Bviomario, standing on the roof, says he's proud of them and he's off to train for two weeks in Star Heaven. When he left, Landongames finds a letter of Bowser, saying he kidnapped Princess Peach. Landongames grabs his Mario Kart and drives to Bowser's Castle. He then goes over Bowser's road and ends up in a chamber where he awaits. Commenting about Bviomario being scared, Landongames fights him and wins, but accidentally talks about Star Heaven. He rescues Peach, goes back to the castle, and they all start to train, because there's a tournament 2 weeks from that day. The episode ends