This is the second episode of Season 2 and the twelfth of the series. Bviomario, in his Super Smash Bros. costume, sees a large hand who is trying to kill Bviomario. They start to fight. Bviomario's first life is lost when the hand slams him into the ground. It looks like a great victory for Bviomario, until his second life is gone as well, by the hand throwing him off the stage. Bviomario is now enraged, but also getting tired. His third life is gone as well when the hand pokes him off the stage. His fourth life is also gone because the hand brutally punches Bviomario and he falls the wrong way. With only one life left, Bviomario intends to finish this, as the hand suddenly speaks to him. With one hit being enough to finish the fight, the hand says he created the duo of black and blue, which could refer to Clone and ShadowMario, who will kill Bviomario, also calling himself the 'Master'! They then run to each other and in the clash, the hand knocks him out. Bviomario then wakes up, realizing this was a dream. Bviomario then decides to go to the castle, as he was staying in the cottage of the ice slider. He blasts off with the cannon and lands on the roof, only to fall off. He then complains and goes inside. Cursor then asks why Bviomario looks a little scared. He replies by telling about his dream. Cursor, maybe knowing more, tries to get Bviomario to slide on his slider. Now being able to slide without accidents, Bviomario then picks up a fake star. Cursor shows some of his powers by warping Bviomario out of the place, which might have been a failed trap of Clone or ShadowMario. Bviomario then goes to the second floor, wanting to ask Toad if he has advice about his dream. Before he can say anything about it, Toad starts talking of the 7 Legendary Wishing Stars, who can grant any wish once they're brought together. Toad warns Bviomario what could happen if Clone finds them first, and Bviomario starts to search right away. Luckily, Toad knows the locations and decides to share them with Bviomario. Clone overhears this and starts looking for them, only to find ShadowMario. ShadowMario, thinking he's stronger than Clone, tells him he was the impostor. Clone, enraged, attacks ShadowMario. After falling off the stage once by accident, ShadowMario dominates Clone with ease. They then slide, and Clone wins. ShadowMario sees a fake Power Star, and feels it's a Wishing Star. Although Clone won, he takes the Star and leaves Clone behind. Clone then runs and takes a secret route to Tick Tock Clock. The episode then ends.