This is the seventh episode of Season 1. Bviomario makes it out of the quicksand. Cursor mentions Eyerok's Star and Bviomario Moonjumps to the hole, not knowing he can use that technique. He then faints when Cursor tells him. Cursor uses his Warping powers to get them out of there. Bviomario goes up and gets the after-effect of his coffee. He becomes Hyper. He then slides with Hyper speed on his slider. He then picks up the fake Star and returns to the castle hall. After he becomes calmer, he goes to his room where he falls asleep. The mysterious man then looks for a Star to warp him to Bviomario. He first goes outside for some fresh air, and falls asleep. He dreams he almost gets flagpoled and then falls off the roof. He wakes up and goes to Bob-omb Battlefield for a Star. Once there, he let's a Gay Bob-omb open the cannon. He blasts off and lands on the mountain. He then goes to the top, and realizes King Bob-omb has been defeated already! He then Moonjumps to an island in the sky and finds a Star. He picks it up and goes to the volcano to find Bviomario. Bviomario takes the elevator to the secret Star to get it, while the mystery man goes the long path. Weirdly enough, he get's there first, and watches if Bviomario can get the Star. Bviomario almost gets the Star, but missteps and falls into the lava. The mystery man gets the other Star and follows him. Bviomario then burns himself at the chandelier. He's going to sleep again. The mystery man gets a bad-timed Moonjump Kill, while Bviomario goes to sleep.